Literacy Narrative

With all of the experiences with reading and writing I do not like it at all, but I know I can do it mostly all the time so that doesn’t steer me away from doing it when I have to.  I try not to have too much of a negative attitude with reading and writing, I usually just set my mind on getting it done and usually do, but I never have enjoyed it. I have always had to read and write growing up through school like everyone else has, and it never really bothered me until my freshman in high school when I had to write a four page essay on what the class meant to us at the end of the year. That experience ruined writing for me completely, it was the end of the year and no one is wanting to have to do a four page essay on what that class meant to them, at least I didn’t want too. Like with a lot of things I procrastinated and put off writing it until two days before it was due, I had the absolute most stressful two days of my life so far. I ended up getting it done on time but I didn’t get any sleep and was irritated for those couple days, thats when writing became my absolute least favorite thing to do.


My family’s attitude towards reading and writing has always been positive. My mother has always been a good reader and is constantly reading a book, She always reads in whatever book she has that week every night before bed. My grandma is the same way but she would read all day everyday if she could have. My brother recently started to become more and more interested in reading books. I have never been able to read books for fun it just doesn’t interest me like it does to other people in my family. Even though I do not like to read what so ever the book “No Excuses” has influenced me tremendously recently. The book is about Kyle Maynard and his struggles in life. Kyle was born with a rare disorder called congenital amputation. He doesn’t have either of his forearms, has shortened legs, and is only four feet tall. The book goes over his life and his struggles with school, life, and athletics. His story about athletics is probably the reason it was most inspirational to me. He was a high school wrestler and with all of those disabilities he was born with already put him in a disadvantage during every match he still came through and won some of his matches which had a huge impact on me because it shows if you don’t give up and with hard work anything is possible.


My strengths as a writer would have to be my ability to open up and talk about almost anything with anyone and be able to write about it. I also can’t stop half way through while I’m starting something to write I always finish everything I write. Some of my weaknesses for writing are mainly because of my procrastination, I just put it off so that shows in my writing and makes it not as good as it should be.

Book Source: No Excuses by Kyle Maynard


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